Introduction to Loyalty Points


Simple Salon allows you to run a Loyalty Program, which awards your clients with points.

Loyalty points can be applied to Services, Products, Gift Vouchers, and Packages. Each time a client purchases one of these items, which have points attached to it, the points are added to the client's loyalty points total. The loyalty points total is displayed in the Actions menu of the client card, and also in POS when you add the client to sale.

Clients can build up their points and then when they've reached a certain number of points they can use the points to redeem free services of your choice or convert their points to a Gift Voucher of your choice.

You can add points to services, products, vouchers, and packages on an individual basis. Alternatively, you set it up so that points are automatically added to all items in any of these categories (i.e. all services, all products, all vouchers, and/or all packages).

This article will look at the setup from start to finish, each step directing you to the specific article which looks at that part of the setup. Move through each of the articles below in order. At the completion of each article, you'll be linked back to this Introduction to Loyalty Points article to see what your next step is.

1. Enabling clients for Loyalty Points

2. Applying points to individual services, products, vouchers and/or packages

3. Auto Loyalty Points—applying points to all services, all products, all vouchers and/or all packages in one go

4. How clients can use their points to redeem services

5. Converting your clients' loyalty points to a Gift Voucher

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