Making Services Redeemable using Loyalty Points


Once you have applied Loyalty Points to your services, products, vouchers and/or packages, you can set up your services to be redeemable using Loyalty Points. This means that clients can exchange their accumulated number of points for a service which has been set up to be redeemable.

You can follow the below process whether you have individually applied your Loyalty Points, or if you are using Auto Loyalty Points.

First you'll need to go to Admin > Services.

Locate the Service you want to make redeemable and click Edit:


In the right side panel, locate and click on the the Loyalty Points heading:


Under the Loyalty Points to Redeem section, you can enter in the amount of Loyalty Points clients need to have in order to redeem this service.

Once you're done click Save.

You'll repeat this process for any other services you want to be redeemable via Loyalty Points.

Now that services are made redeemable with Loyalty Points, you can learn how clients will redeem these services. Simply click here to find out how that's done.

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