Tracking 'No Show' Clients


It's one of those things you do everything to avoid, clients not showing up. Simple Salon has your back for this one! Track your No Shows and be alerted when you are making a booking for a client whose last couple of appointments were a no show.

Flagging No Shows

When you have a 'No Show' client, click the client's name on their appointment and in the Visit Details window, go to Flag As...

Tick the No Show Flag.

This will turn the client's appointment bright red—it becomes very obvious that this client has been naughty.

Tracking No Shows

In the Visits section of the client's client card, a very abrupt NO SHOW! will display next to the client's appointments which they didn't show up for.

Our naughty client has done this twice now. Not to worry, we have you sorted. Next time you go to make this client an appointment...

ALERT! There's no hiding here. You are alerted to the fact that this is a previous No Show client and perhaps they might need a friendly reminder so that the start showing up.

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