Tracking 'No Show' Clients


It's one of those things you do everything to avoid, clients not showing up. Simple Salon has your back for this one!

Flagging No Shows

When you have a 'No Show' client, click the client's name on their appointment and in the Visit Details window, go to Flags:


Tick the No Show Flag.

When flagging a client as No Show, a pop-up will appear asking if you would like to hide the appointment from your appointments page:


  • If you would like the appointment to be removed from your Appointment page to free up the Operator's time slot, click Yes.
  • If you would like to keep the appointment on your page (but be highlighted in red) click No.

Note: If you have clicked Yes and confirmed to free up the time slot, it is not possible to bring it back onto the Appointments page. However you can access the appointment at anytime from your Appointments Report, or in the Visits section of the client's Client Card.

If you have accidentally confirmed to hide the appointment, the best option currently is to recreate the appointment, then delete the original no show appointment.

By default, selecting the No Show flag will keep the appointment and turn it red. If you choose to not free up the time slot, the client's appointment will stay on your appointments page:


If you want to free up the time slot but keep it on your Appointments page, you can utilise the Double Book function:


Tracking No Shows

In the Visits section of the client's Client Card—No Show will display next to the client's appointments which they didn't show up for.


If you make an appointment for a client that was previously a No Show, you'll receive an alert when selecting their services:


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