Setting up Online Bookings


Welcome to the Simple Salon Online Booking platform!

Our Online Bookings platform is really easy to setup and simple to use for you and your clients. This platform has been designed to be mobile friendly from the outset and we have built it with you in mind.

Every Simple Salon customer gets a website that is easily found on Google using its location-based URL. Your Online Booking platform can also be embedded into your existing website in just a few clicks! Do you have a Facebook page? You can link our booking site to the - Book Now button.

There hasn't been a better way to start taking bookings online for your salon. Free up your phone lines today, re-task your receptionist, get bookings for your salon 24 hours a day, 7 days a week while you focus on growing your salon business!

Let's get started

Jump to 14:58 in the following video to learn how to get your Online Booking site up and running—and ready to take bookings!

Otherwise, simply click the article links below to learn how to display your operator's online, choose your services, add a salon profile pic and set up your roster. Once you have gone through these steps, your online bookings platform will be live!

Step 1 - Displaying your operators online

Step 2 - Choosing services for online bookings

Step 3 - Add or update online booking profile pic

Step 4 - Setting up Roster for online bookings

We also have our Online Bookings Overview, which will take you through many of the features of your Online Booking mini-site:

Online Bookings Overview

What's up next in the Getting Started section? What to do at the end of each day—the Advanced End Of Day process.

For further in depth help articles, checkout the Online Bookings section of your Knowledge Base.

Feel free to send us your questions anytime from your Help & Support page via Submit a Request.

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