Setting up Your Roster for Online Bookings


In order for your online bookings to work properly, you need to set your opening hours and operator hours in the Roster. This is to ensure that online bookings are made when you're open and when your staff is working.

The below set-up is using Simple Rostering (this is the default roster and has a one week view).

If you have a roster that changes each week, you'll want to use Advanced Rostering instead. Click here for Advanced Rostering setup information.

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Setting your Salon Opening Hours

Managing Public Holidays & Alternate Trading Hours

Setting your Operator Hours

Display Different Opening Hours for Online Bookings vs Roster Opening Hours

Setting your Salon Opening Hours

Go to Roster, then select the Opening Hours link:


Choose your opening hours for each day and tick Closed on the days you're not open.


Managing Public Holidays & Alternate Trading Hours

While on the Roster tab, Click the Public Holidays/Alternate Trading Hours link (located next to the Opening Hours link).

You'll be taken across to the Lists tab in Admin.

Click New on the right side:


Then from the Type drop down menu, choose whether you would like to create a Public Holiday or an Alternate Trading Hour:

Public Holiday - This will automatically close your Appointments Page for the date that you've set, even if you are normally open on that day:


Give the Public Holiday a name and a date, click Save, then the Public Holiday will now be added to the list.

Alternate Trading Hours - This allows you to open up your Appointments page on a day that's normally set to closed; and allows you to set the hours that you will be trading that day:


Give this Alternate Trading Hour a name, date, and set the time that you want your Appointments page to be open from, and when you want to close. Once you click Save it will now be listed.

You can go through and create all the public holidays or alternate trading hours ahead of time.

If you go to any of these public holiday dates in your Appointments page, they will be blocked out:


And if you go to an alternate trading day, it will instead be opened up:


You can come page to this page at any time if you need to add in a day that needs to be set as closed—or if you need to open up your appointments page for just one day.

Setting your Operator Hours

Now that your salon opening hours are done, you can set up your operator hours.

Go to the Roster and click an operator name. In the pop-up window set the hours the operator works, tick and days that they are not working, and click Save.

Do this for each operator and you're done.


Display Different Opening Hours for Online Bookings vs Roster Opening Hours

It is possible to have your Online Booking hours reflect differently to your Opening Hours in Roster.

The Online Booking system will still look at your Appointments Page and Roster for availability, but this will allow your clients to view a different set of Opening Hours.

By default your Opening Hours from your Roster will be displayed, as this is what clients can actually book in.

To have clients see different hours, simply go to Online then click the Setup tab.

You'll see the "Opening Hours" section to the right, like so: 


Click Edit Online Opening Hours to adjust the hours you would like displayed online.


If you were to click Use Opening Hours, this will revert your Online Booking Hours back to what you have set in your Roster Opening Hours.

Click Save once you're done.

Great! Now if you click View Booking Site, you'll notice that the Opening Hours your clients will see is different to your Roster Opening Hours:


NOTE: When you change your "Online Booking Hours" as shown above, please keep in mind it only changes the text and doesn't affect availability.

The Online Booking system will still look at your Appointments Page and Roster to know when clients can book in.

For example, lets say your Online Booking Hours are set to 9:00am to 5:00pm, but your operators are Rostered On from 8:00am to 6:00pm.

This means you need to ensure that there is a Task or Service inserted in at 8:00am to 9:00am, and 5:00pm to 6:00pm to block those time slots off, e.g. you might have a 'Cleaning' or 'Opening' Task inserted. If you haven't used the Tasks feature yet, please click here to learn.

If you're unsure if you want to use Simple or Advanced Rostering, click here to go to the Rostering Overview—it goes through both systems, and you can decide which one is more suitable for you.

If you have any questions, send them to us from your Help & Support page by clicking Submit a Request.

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