Redeeming Pre-Paid Package Items in Other Locations


If you have a Simple Salon Dome, then this is a great feature for you.

As you are aware, you can share clients between your locations. Due to each of your child location accounts being connected to your Dome, you can bring up the same client card for any client in any location. This gives your clients the flexibility to visit any location, which is convenient for them, and know that their history and details exist in all locations. In any location, the client can simply pick up from where they left off at the last location they visited.

Furthermore, if your clients purchase a pre-paid salon package, which is made up of multiple pre-paid services and/or products, in one location then they can go to a different location and redeem any of these pre-paid items.

Create your packages in your Dome first

To be able to do this, you do first need to create your Salon Packages in your Dome Admin page, then use the Sharing link to share the packages into each of the locations they're available in.

One you've done that, Browse down, or directly log into, the location where your client is purchasing the package, and sell it to them via POS.

The package items will then display in the PACKAGE section a Pending state in the client's client card.

Now, go ahead and Browse, or log into, the other location where the client wants to redeem one of their pre-paid items from (i.e. they want to book in for one of their services in a different location to the location they originally purchased the package).

Once you're in the other location account, search for the client on the right side panel.

Note: Ensure that you have the Search Dome ticked.

Click the client's name in the Search Results and you'll find yourself in their client card.

Click the PACKAGES section down the bottom and now click Lock In next to the service they want to book in.

The Appointment page will display and the appointment will wait on the right side panel in the Clipboard.

Using the calendar icon, find the date and click the time slot the client wants to book the appointment into.

Done, the pre-paid package item is now booked into a different location to the one where they originally purchased the package.

If you go back to the client's client card now, you'll see that there is one less pre-paid service Pending in the PACKAGES section.

The client can book in for their pre-paid package services anywhere they wish.

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