Global Appointments in the Simple Salon Dome


When you have a chain of salons across multiple locations, finding available times can be difficult. The Dome Global Appointments feature allows you to centralise your appointment bookings via the Dome.

There no need to login to different locations, browse up and down from the Dome or make countless phone calls between locations. Simply select any location and make the booking just as if you were right there standing in the salon. This makes it easy to use a call centre facility or a centralised reception to take bookings across your entire chain of salons. This feature also allows each individual salon location to make bookings across the network of salons quickly and easily.

For an added level of security and flexibility, individual locations can opt in or out of the Dome Global Appointments process making it perfect for a single owner chain of salons or a chain of salon franchises. 

Enabling your Global Appointments

First, log into your Dome account. Go to your Dome Settings, then Sharing Settings, and tick the Allow any user to view and make appointments at any location setting, and Save. By default this will turn on Client Sharing (as Client Sharing is required to have global appointments).


Enabling each child location to be a part of the Global Appointments

Next step is to Browse down into each of your child location accounts, and include them as part of your Global Appointments. You can Browse each location through the Locations menu option.

Alternatively, you can Browse into your locations via the Dome menu option, from the Quick Visit List, or via the location drop-down menu as shown below:


Once you have selected Browse for one of your locations, you'll find yourself in the child account. In the child location account, go to the Settings page and select Sharing Settings. Tick the Include in Global Appointments setting, and Save.


Do this for each location which you want to be a part of the Global Appointments. Go into each salon account, and tick this setting.

Now that you have included all relevant location accounts in the Global Appointments, head back up to the Dome and let's take a look at what it looks like from up there. 

Making appointments for all locations from your Dome

In your Dome account, click Appointments. Notice that now you have the location menu on the top left, which allows you to switch between each locations appointment book. You can now make appointments for any of your locations from your Dome! We're in the Dome, and we can make appointments anywhere.


Making appointments for all locations from your child location account

Also, when you Browse down or are logged directly into each location account (that is included in Global Appointments), you will have this same location menu to switch between the other locations.


Note: If one of your locations does not want to be a part of the Global Appointments, simply un-tick the Include in Global Appointments setting in the locations Sharing Settings. This means that this particular location will not appear as an option in the appointments location menu. No other salons will be able to make appointments in their location, and this location won't be able to make appointments for any other location.

Taking a look in the child locations Sharing Settings again, you'll notice the Client Sharing Enabled setting. If this is ticked, this location's clients will be shared across all locations within the Dome. If this is unticked, the location's clients will not be shared with any other location.

If the location is included in global appointments, 'Client Sharing' cannot be disabled (as Client Sharing will be enabled by default if  Global Appointments is enabled):


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