Setting up SMS, Buying SMS Credits & Enabling Auto Reminders


Simple Salon makes it incredibly simple for you to set up your SMS, it's pretty much already done for you.

NOTE: Please ensure that pop-ups are enabled for Simple Salon in your web browser.

  • Step 1: Buy some SMS credits
  • Step 2: Turn on your automatic Appointment Reminders

Head over to your Admin page, and click your SMS & Email tab.

In the SMS Account Setup section, your SMS Account will already be setup for you. You'll notice that the Enable SMS Account box is ticked, and Simple Salon Messaging is selected as the SMS Provider:


Buy some SMS credits

In the SMS Account Setup section, click Buy Credits.


Having trouble logging in to your SMS Account? Please click here for further instructions on how to login to your SMS Account

The first thing you'll need to do is agree to the Terms & Conditions of Service. If you agree, scroll down and click I AGREE WITH THESE TERMS.

NOTE: If nothing happens when you click Buy Credits, it means that you have pop-ups blocked. You'll need to allow pop-ups in the browser settings first. Click here to see how.

Once you have agreed to the Terms & Conditions of Service, the Add Credit window will pop up to let you buy your SMS credits. Fill out the details in the window, and click Add Credit.


Behind this window is your Simple Salon Messaging account:


If you would like to see how much one SMS costs in your country, click the Pricing link at the bottom of the page. In the pop-up window pick your country:


Important Note: One SMS is 160 characters. If you go over 160 characters, the system will automatically allow you to use more than 160 characters, however you will be charged for two SMS. If you do not wish to go over the 160 character limit, you can un-tick the Allow Multiple SMS Messages setting in your Marketing Settings, via Settings.

Turn on Your Automatic Appointment Reminders

Also in the SMS & Email tab of your Admin page you'll see your 1-Touch Marketing section.

Edit your Appointment Reminder and tick SMS Enabled and/or Email Enabled. You can send out your appointment reminders via SMS and/or email.

Enter in the number of Days BEFORE Appointment to send message: and the system will automatically send out the reminders this number of days before the appointments.


Save your Automatic Appointment Reminder Details.

The 2 Way SMS is automatically setup in your Simple Salon Messaging account so that when a client replies Yes to their SMS Reminder, the letter C (for Confirmed) will automatically appear on their appointments.

However, the Default SMS Templates for Appointment Reminders do not automatically contain a "Reply Yes" section. You will need to either edit the default, or customise your own message. For info on how to do this, check out this article.

You can see your replies in your Campaign Report (via your Marketing page). You can change the dates, click Recipients for any SMS campaign, and check out the replies in the Response column. Click here for more information on the Campaign Report.

If you would also like to setup a second round of appointment reminders, click here to see how.

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Want to see this in action? Check out our Help Video:

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