How Many Characters Can I Have in an SMS?


One SMS is 160 characters in length.

You can send longer messages using a process called concatenation. We use special characters to join the SMS together and deliver them as one message. Due to the use of characters to join the messages there are inconsistencies in the length of following SMS. This is the break down:

Number of SMS Characters Cost (in Australia)
1 160 $0.11 cents
2 306 $0.22 cents
3 459 $0.33 cents
4 (Maximum) 612 $0.44 cents

If you choose to send an SMS which is greater than 4 messages, the SMS will be sent to Simple Salon Messaging, and only the first 4 SMS's will be sent to each client. You also won't be charged for these extra SMS's if you go over the 4 SMS limit—however this means clients will receive only part of the message.

It's always a good idea to send yourself a preview of any template you create or any message you decide to send. This will give you an idea of the potential SMS Cost before you send it to clients. If you would like to learn how to check SMS cost and access your SMS Account's Billing page, click here.

If you do not wish to go over the 160 character limit (and therefore don't want to spend more than 11 cents per message), you can untick the Allow Multiple SMS Messages setting in your Marketing Settings, via Settings.


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