How to Change your Simple Salon Subscription Plan


When the time comes to add or remove columns from your Appointments page, or you need to send more SMSs each month - simply follow these steps to change your Simple Salon plan.

You can upgrade or downgrade at anytime from within your account!

We'll be covering the following:

How to Change Subscription Plan:

Pop over to your Account page (by clicking the blue circle icon on the top right corner):


Under Account Details, select Change Plan:


(You can also access the Change Plan button via the Actions tab)

A pop-up will appear, showing what your current plan is, and how many operators maximum you can currently have:


Click the Change button next to your current Plan, and you'll see the other plans available to you.

The amount shown that you will pay per month and the SMS Included per month will change depending on how many Operators you currently have:


To change your Subscription Plan, simply click the Select button on the new plan that you’d like to go on:


Your chosen plan will change to 'Selected', at which point you can select Confirm to finalise the change.

You’ll get the following pop-up to let you know that you have successfully updated your subscription:


At this point any Included SMS will also be added to your balance, ready to be used!

You can see your Included SMS balance by going to Admin.

Click the SMS & Email tab and then you'll see the SMS Account Setup section: 



  • If you have added more operators to your plan, you will then need to add in your new operator column(s). Do this by going to Admin > Operators > click New > fill out operator details on the right and then click Save (or check out steps here: Setting up Operator Columns).

  • If you upgrade your account after previously downgrading, and would like to reinstate your operators and their data, you can go to Admin > Operators > Show Deleted. From here, you can click 'Undelete' which will reinstate your Operator (or check out this resource: Deleting & Undeleting an Operator).

How to Add or Remove Operators from your Plan

Pop over to your Account page:


Under Account Details, select Change Plan:


To include more Operators in your plan, click the Change button next to your Maximum Operators, like so:


You’ll be shown how many operators you’re actually using at the moment (i.e. how many are added via Admin > Operators:


With this example, we are currently paying for a plan that allows for 5 Operators, but we’re only actually using 3 Operators.

If you don’t actually need 5 Operators, then you'd simply click the drop-down menu and change the maximum to 3 instead:


Click Change, and you’ll then get the following pop-up to let you know that you have successfully updated your subscription:


In the event you want to go down to 1 Operator, you’ll need to delete any extra operators. If you don’t delete the extra operators, you won’t be able to reduce how many operators are included in your plan.

We’ll go into further detail on how to delete operators below.

How to Delete Operators

Note: Before deleting any operators, you will need to make sure that you have moved all future appointments from the operator's columns that are being deleted—into an operator's column that isn't being deleted. You can use the Appointments Report to view future appointments for each operator and then move the appointments into the operator’s column you’re keeping.

To delete any extra operators, follow these steps:

1. Go to Admin, then into Operators:


2. Click Edit next to the Operator you want to delete, and their Operator Details will open up:


3. At the bottom of Operator Details, click the Delete button (next to 'Save' and 'Cancel').

You’ll be prompted to confirm, and then the operator will be deleted.

4. Simply repeat the above process until all extra operators have been deleted.

Once you’ve deleted any extra operators, you’ll be able to change your maximum operators as described earlier. Simply click here to jump back to the How to Add or Remove Operators from your Plan section.


  • Billing is capped. If you have 7 or more operators, the price you will be billed is capped at 7. For example, if you have 12 operators showing, and you’re on the Starter plan, your cost will be 7 x $25 = $175 per month
  • Included SMS is not locked to each operator. The SMS credits are added to your Simple Salon account each month, and are available to be used across your business for your reminders, marketing and other SMS requirements. You can purchase additional credits if required.

If you have any questions, please send them to us via the Submit a Request option in your Help & Support page.

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