Creating & editing SMS & email templates


Simple Salon provides you with SMS and email templates, which you might like to use for reminders and promotions.

Simple Salon also allows you to change the wording in these existing templates, or even create your own templates from scratch. Once these templates are created, you can use them for SMS and email reminders, birthday messages, first time messages, and marketing.

Customising your SMS and Email Templates

Let's get creative with our messages.You can create new templates and edit existing ones via the

You can create new templates and edit existing ones via the Lists tab in Admin. Select from the drop-down menu SMS & Email Templates.

We have provided you with a range of Default Templates, which you are more than welcome to use. You can Preview each template to have a look at how they read.

If you come across a template you like, but you would like to change some of the wording go ahead and click the Copy option. Let's go with the Default SMS Reminder as an example.

Here we have the behind-the-scenes of the message.

I know what you're thinking, someone needs to work on their punctuation... spaces people... they go in between words. Well actually, not here. The #ClientFirstName# is a Tag.

A Tag inserts the relevant information into the SMS or email when it is sent to a client. In this case, the #ClientFirstName# will insert the, you guessed it, client's first name into the SMS Reminder. It knows whose name to insert there based on the mobile number it is being sent to. It matches the information.

Same goes for #AppointmentDayOfTheWeek#, #AppointmentDate#, #AppointmentTime# etc. The system will look to see when the client's appointment is and insert the correct day, date and time into their reminder.

Feel free to tweak the wording, get creative.

An idea for the SMS Reminder is to perhaps add in the sentence Reply Yes To Confirm. This tells the clients to reply Yes, which in turn will automatically put the '(for Confirmed) on their appointment.

NOTE: If you are adding in the Reply Yes To Confirm sentence to your SMS Reminder template, after you have created the template you'll then need to go to Admin > SMS & Email > Edit the Appointment Reminder and choose the new SMS template (which you just created with the new wording) from the right side panel. This will become the template that is sent as the reminder instead of the default one. Then click Save.

Here's what it might look like after you have finished tweaking. We also gave this one a new name (so that we have some hope of finding it amongst all the other templates). You can change the name in the Template Name field.

You can also send yourself a preview of the message, then when you're happy with the changes you've made, click Save.

That's all there is to it. This was just one example, but you have lots of templates in there which you can edit, and even start creating some of your own.

Want to see Templates in action? You sure do!


If you have any questions, please send them to us via the Submit a Request option in your Help & Support page. 

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