Making Appointments That Require a 'Resource'— Treatment Rooms or Specialised Equipment


We understand that some of your services and treatments will require a room or machine e.g. IPL machine. In your Simple Salon account, these are referred to as Resources. The last thing you want is confusion and double bookings, we've got you sorted. Here we demonstrate how you can create and manage bookings by assigning Resources to your services.

Setting up Resources

To begin, we need to set up our rooms/machines as Resources. Go to Admin, select your Lists tab, drop down the menu and click Resources.


Click New and give the room/machine a Resource Name and Description on the right side panel. The Description is describing what happens in this room. Click Save.


Continue doing this until you have created all of your rooms and machines as Resources.

Assigning Services to Rooms/Resources

The next step is to assign your Services to the Resources. Go to the Services tab, still in Admin. Edit a services which requires a resource.

In this example we are going to assign our Eyebrow Waxing service to the Waxing Room. Go ahead and Edit the service.


On the right side panel, tick Requires Resource and Save.

Click the Resources link, which is now displayed in the service row.


It's time tell the Eyebrow Waxing service togo to the Waxing Room when the appointment is made. Click Add Resource.


On the right side panel select from the drop-down menu the resource which the service needs to go to, and Save.

Done! Your service now knows where to go when booked. You can continue adding resources to the services.

One service can be set up to go to more than one resource. If the service has multiple resource options, it will try the first available one, if that one is booked, it will try the next one it has been assigned to, and so on.

In this scenario, we have only the Waxing Room assigned to the Eyebrow Waxing. If we were to add another resource to this service, it means that the Eyebrow Waxing will try the Waxing Room first, but if that is already booked, it will try the next room it has been assigned to.


Go through all of your services which require a resource and add resources to them.

Booking an Appointment for a Service Which Requires a Room or Resource

Choose a time slot in an operator column, search for the client, click their name in Search Results and in the Select Services window. You'll notice an (R) next to the service—this is to indicate that this service has been set up to go to a resource (room or machine).


Confirm the appointment here, then go to your Appointment page.


Eyebrow Waxing is booked intoBarry's column, but if we click the red Appointments menu and choose Show Resources, you'll see the second layer to our appointment book, the columns for the rooms and machines you have set up—the Resource columns.


You can flick between Show Operators and Show Resources using the red Appointments menu.

You're done! You'll never be caught out with a double booking again.

If you have any questions, please send them to us via the Submit a Request option in your Help & Support page.

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