Group Services—Making Appointments with Multiple Services in a Single Click


Have you found that you have some popular service combinations? With the Group Services feature, you can group together services which are a popular combination. For example, a Cut & Colour—this is a Colour service + a Cut service. You can group the Cut and Colour together, making it quicker to book this popular combination.

Creating your Group Services

Go to your Admin Page and click on the Services tab.

Note: First you need to create your individual services if you haven't already done this check here.

In your Services tab, click New for Services for (Category). On the right-hand side in Service Details, tick Group Service.

A popular combination would be your Cut and Colour. We will create a "Cut & Colour" Group Service, which combines a Cut service with a Colour service in a neat bundle.

Fill in the details and name of your new group service, and Save.

Your new Group Service (Cut & Colour), will display with a file icon next to it.

Half way there. The next step is very important, we need to add Items to our Group Service. In this case, the items are the Cut service and the Colour service. Click the Items link for the Group Service.

Select the New Items link and choose the services from the right side panel. Save each item before adding the next.


Done. The "Cut & Colour" Group Service is complete.

Making appointments using Group Services

You know the drill. Click the time slot in the operator to make the appointment, search for the client and choose clients name from Search Results. From the Select Services window, locate your Group Service (Cut & Colour) and double click it. Click Confirm to build the appointment.

Appointment made. Two services in one step. The processing time is also taken care of, this is because the colour service was created with processing time, the system will add it in for Group Services also.


Click here to see how you these Group Services can be available to your clients online.

Want to see Group Services in action? Check out the video.

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