Stripe Invoicing: How to Take a Clients Deposit by Sending a Payment Link


Your Simple Salon account allows you to use the Stripe Invoice feature to take deposit payments from your customers. This lets you email your customer a unique link to a Stripe-hosted invoice page, directly from POS!

Each invoice is optimised for mobile, tablet, and desktop with a responsive design.

The instructions below assume that you have already enabled the Stripe integration for POS. If you haven't enabled this before, please click here to learn how to link your Stripe account for POS Payments.

We'll be covering the following:

Enabling the Stripe Invoice Setting

If you're already connected to Stripe for POS, follow the below steps:

1. Go to your Account page, by clicking the blue circle icon on the top right corner:


2. Click on the Actions menu, and select Stripe:


3. In the Stripe Gateway settings, make sure Stripe Gateway Enabled & Enable Invoice Mode is selected, and then click Save.


Now let's go through how to take a deposit using Stripe Invoicing

1. The first step is to ensure you have Deposits enabled for POS. If you haven't enabled this yet, please see the steps in the following article, and then come back here:

How to Enable POS Deposits

2. Next, create a new appointment on the Appointments page as you normally would.

In the Select Services window, you'll notice a Take Deposit button, like so:


3. Once you click Confirm & Pay, you will be taken over to POS to take payment from the customer:


4. Click Receive Payment to open up the Sale Payment Details window.


5. Select Stripe (Invoice) from the drop-down menu, and Finish Sale.

POS will start connecting to Stripe:


Once connected, you will get the following pop-up, letting you know the client has been sent an email with a link to pay:


What happens when a Stripe Invoice is unpaid?

This will depend on if the Force Deposits for Appointment bookings setting is enabled or not:

Force Deposits Enabled

When looking at the appointment (in the 'Visit Details' window) you'll notice in the Status row, there is an expiry counter. 

When Force Deposits is enabled—if the customer does not pay the deposit within 30 minutes—the appointment will automatically delete to make space for a new appointment: 


Within those 30 minutes while the deposit is unpaid, you can click Pay Deposit to:

  • Pay the deposit with an alternative payment method, like Cash, EFTPOS etc
  • Send a new payment link (by selecting Stripe (Invoice) from the Sale Payment Details window again)

If the client doesn't pay the deposit in time, then the appointment will disappear from the Appointments page. Therefore you'll need to follow the previous steps in creating a new appointment, and send them a new Stripe Invoice link.

Force Deposits Disabled

When looking at the appointment (in the 'Visit Details' window) you'll notice in the Status row there is no expiry counter for the appointment: 


The appointment will remain as "OPEN: Deposit Unpaid" on the Appointments Page—and the transaction will remain incomplete in your Transaction List until payment is made.

If the client's invoice link has expired and you want to send a new one (or pay a different way), you can continue the transaction by clicking Add Client to Sale on their appointment.

This will take you to POS where it will automatically request payment for the Deposit:


At this point you can select Stripe (Invoice) from the drop-down menu to send a new payment link; they could pay another way; or you can Delete the transaction.

Deleting this incomplete transaction will not delete the appointment, it will simply delete the Deposit Transaction, and leave you with a normal 'Open' appointment, with no deposit attached:


What happens on the clients end when paying for the Stripe Invoice?

Your client will now receive an email from Stripe, with an invoice link: 

  • The client simply needs to click the invoice link in their email, and they will be redirected to the payment page:


  • They can choose their preferred payment option and enter the necessary credentials.
  • Then they will click Pay to complete the payment

Once payment has been successfully processed, they can download their invoice:


Once the client has successfully made payment, this will now be reflected on their appointment on the Appointments page.

The Status will update to OWING: Deposit Paid, like so:


How to use the deposit in POS

When the client comes in for their appointment and is ready to pay, simply click Add Client to Sale on their appointment like you usually would:


Their service/s will be added to POS, and you'll see that their paid deposit amount has already been subtracted from the total.

You'll be left with an Amount Owing, which the client can pay with your normal payment methods like Cash, EFTPOS etc.


For more information on processing a client's sale (with a deposit) through POS, please check out the following article: 

How to Use a Client's Deposit in POS

How do I refund a Stripe Invoice payment?

Refunding a Stripe Invoice payment works similar to refunding other linked transactions in your Simple Salon account (like Online Booking Deposits).

Please click here to learn how to process a refund for a deposit.

Customising the Stripe Invoice sent to clients

Stripe allows you to customise (as well as preview) email receipts, hosted invoices, invoice PDFs, and more, in your "Branding settings."

  • Icon—A square, digital-friendly icon or logo.
  • Logo—A non-square logo to override some uses of the icon.
  • Brand color—Used on receipts, invoices, and the customer portal.
  • Accent color—Used as a background on emails and pages.
You can click the following link and it'll take you straight to Branding settings in your Stripe account:
For more information on customising your invoice, please click here to view the relevant Stripe help document.

If you have any questions, please send them to us via the Submit a Request option in your Help & Support page.

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