How to Refund a Zip Pay Transaction


In order to refund a Zip Pay transaction, you'll first need to connect your Simple Salon account to your Zip Pay merchant account. Click here to see how to do this.

Find the original sale in the Transaction Report in Reporting > Report List or visit POS > Transaction List, and click Details on the relevant transaction.


(Alternatively, you can search using the customer's Zip Pay receipt number by going to the Account page, Actions menu then Zip Pay. Enter the Zip Pay receipt number under Zip Pay Refund and click Search.)


Click Refund Transaction to load the transaction into the Refund screen, then click Refund Payment.

In the Sale Payment Details window, Zip Pay is preloaded for you. Click Finish Refund.


The refund will be processed via Zip Pay.

The completed transaction can be viewed in the Transaction List.


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