Creating a New Order


Head across to your Ordering page and select New Order.

In the order form choose the Supplier you wish to make the order for. In this case, we will choose the supplier of our Aspect Enzyme Fruit Mask product, which is Bob & Suppliers.

Then you will you have the option to Auto Generate Order.

When you select the Auto Generate Order link, your Simple Salon will automatically look for any products that have dropped below their Min Qty and automatically add these products to the order form. The system knows how many of that product to add to the order form based on the difference between the products Max Qty and Quantity.

Using the Aspect Enzyme Fruit Mask product example above:

  • Min Qty is set to 2
  • Max Qty is set to 8
  • Quantity is set to 1

We only have 1 Aspect Enzyme Fruit Mask, therefore we need to order 7 to make our total 8. Here's what it looks like after we click Auto Generate Order for the Supplier of the Aspect Enzyme Fruit Mask.

It does all the thinking for you. Of course, if you have other products for this Supplier, which have dropped below their Min Qty, they too will be added to the order form. 

You can also add items manually to the order by clicking the Add Items option, and selecting from the drop-down menus on the right side panel the products you which to add to the order.

Note: If you have a scanner and your barcode system set up, you can also Scan Items and add them to the order form.

When you have finished adding products to your order, if you'd like to, you can tick the Email order to supplier. Now when you click Save & Order, the order will also be emailed to your supplier.

If you don't wish to email a copy of the order to your supplier, ignore the tick box and simply select Save & Order.

That will save the order and you can View it here under Ordering.

You have the option to print the order, duplicate the order, or delete the order via the picture icons.

Note: The  means that the order is ordered/not yet received, and the means that the order has been received.

Please click here if you would like to learn how to receive an order

If you have any further questions, please send them to us via the Submit a Request option in your Help & Support page.

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