Receiving an Order


When your products arrive at the salon, pop back into Ordering and click Receive

Check that you have received the right quantities and products, and make any necessary changes by clicking Edit.

Note: if you have a scanner, you can also scan the products in one by one and the product will be added to the 'Receive' column as it is scanned.

Notice here that the Order column is 7 and the Receive column is 0. You will need to Edit it and update the Receive Details amount on right side panel and Update. This will ensure that your quantities are updated with the correct number of products your receive in the order.

Note: If you would like the Receive column to automatically apply the ordered amount, go into your Settings, then Ordering Settings and tick Populate Receive Column Automatically, and Save.

Back to the order form, when you have updated all the Receive quantities and you're ready to save it, click the Save & Receive button.

Click OK, if you are sure.

You're done! Your product quantities will all be updated.

Each time you sell a retail product or use a salon use product, the product quantities will be deducted, until you need to re-order again.

Click here to learn how to track the usage of your professional Salon Use products.

If you have any further questions, please send them to us via the Submit a Request option in your Help & Support page.

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