Refunding Through the Transaction List


To begin the process click on POS.

Then, click on the Transaction List tab and enter in the dates of the original transaction then click Go (you can also filter by Payment Type, Type of transaction as well as Status).

Click Details next to the appropriate transaction you need to refund item(s) for:


Then, click Refund Transaction when the transaction loads:


You'll then be taken over to POS (Refund tab) to continue with the refund:


When you're happy with the remaining items you can click the Refund Payment button to proceed with the refund.

You can choose any payment type as you require, then Finish Refund:


Great! The refund will be officially processed through Simple Salon.

Here are some important notes to consider when processing linked refunds through Simple Salon:

  • The paid for appointments will still appear on the Appointments page so you'll need to move or adjust the appointment if you'd like to fit another appointment into the refunded appointments slot.

  • At the end of this process, the system knows that you've refunded items from the original transaction. If you try to refund the original transaction again, only the items that weren't processed (only the items you deleted from the refund) will be ready to be refunded.

  • You cannot edit the price of the items or apply discounts to these refunds. If you try to, you'll be advised that 'Linked Refund items cannot be edited'. If you need to make these types of changes, you'll need to process a refund by following the instructions here.

  • If you've made a mistake creating a refund for an existing transaction you can delete the refunded transaction that you have just created as you would with any other transaction:


If you have any questions anytime, please feel free to send them to us from your Help & Support page via the Submit a Request option.

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