Refunds in Simple Salon


You have a two options when it comes to refunding—

Refunding via the Transaction List

You can Refund a transaction via POS > Transaction List by selecting Details next to the sale you want to refund.


Then select Refund Transaction:


Doing it this way will keep a record of the original sale as well as shows the refund in your Transaction List

Check out the following article for more information: Refunding Through the Transaction List.

This is the main way you would be processing your refunds through Simple Salon.

Refunding via the Refund Tab in POS

You can also process a refund via the POS tab, then choose the Refund tab.

Please note though refunding an item directly via the Refund tab won't be linked to the original transaction. If you want the refund to be reflected on the original transaction, you'll want to refund via the Transaction List: Refunding Through the Transaction List. 

Otherwise if you still need to create an unlinked refund, click Add Client, and search for them on the right side panel to add them to the refund transaction.

Once the client is listed, click Add Items, and use the product, service etc option to add the item(s) to the refund, depending on what you're refunding. Choose the actual product/service from the right side panel and click Save to add it to the refund transaction.


Once you have the item(s) listed under the client name, click Refund Payment, choose the payment type and Finish Refund.

You can check out your Transaction List in POS to see the refund transaction recorded.


You can also delete the original transaction instead by clicking the red cross next to transaction on the Transaction List: Editing, Deleting, Re-processing & Backdating Transactions.

Doing it this way will remove all record of the transaction however. For example if you had processed a refund via the Transaction List, you can delete the refund but keep record of the sale. Another example would be if you made a mistake with a sale, you could delete it by clicking the red cross and then re-processing it.

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