Deleting and Undeleting a Client


Do you have a client that you no longer need in your system? Or have you accidentally deleted a client? Not a problem, simply follow the steps in this article to either delete or undelete a client!

This article shows you how to individually delete a client, if instead you need to delete more than one client, you can do this by following the steps in this article:

Bulk Delete Clients

Deleting a client

Use the Client Search to look up the client's name, then click their name in the Search Results

Once you're in their client card, click Edit in the Details section.


On the right side panel click Delete, then OK.


Undeleting a client

If you have deleted a client but later decided that you would like to reinstate their client card, you can undelete them.

Go to Reporting at the top of your page, then select Report List.

Click on the Activity Report.

Change the dates to the day you deleted them, then use the filters to narrow the activity logs (CategoryClient, TypeDelete).

Locate the activity and click Undelete next to the client deletion activity.


Note: If a client has an upcoming/past appointment on the Appointments Page—and they're deleted—the appointment won't be deleted. If the appointment is new, you will still be allowed to process the sale via POS even if they are deleted. 

If you were to click on the client's name on their appointment and try to navigate to their client card, you'll notice you will be able to Undelete them. You won't be able to search for this client via Client Search until they're undeleted:


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