Editing, Deleting, Re-processing & Backdating Transactions


If you have made a mistake on a transaction, you can go back and change it. You can edit the details of a transaction (operator and payment method) as well as delete a transaction, re-process it for the correct amount and backdate it to its original transaction date.

Go to POS, then into your Transaction List. Change the dates to the day when the transaction was processed.


Changing the operator who processed the transaction

Click Details next to the transaction and you will be able to change the operator via Edit in the Transaction Details section.

On the right side panel choose the correct operator and Save.


Changing the payment method type for a transaction

Click Details next to the transaction and you will be able to change the payment method type via Edit in the Payment Method Details section.

On the right side panel choose the correct payment method, and Save.Screen_Shot_2020-06-03_at_5.25.13_pm.png

Changing the transaction sale amount

If you need to change the transaction amount, you will need to delete the transaction via the red cross, then go back to the original appointment on your Appointments page and re-add the client to the sale, then put the payment through again for the correct amount.

Locate the transaction in your Transaction List by changing the dates, and click the red cross next to it to delete it.


Click OK to confirm that you would like to delete the transaction.

Now go back to your Appointments page to the day of the original appointment for the transaction you just deleted, and add the client back to POS. Once in POS, adjust the services/sale amount as required to ensure that the correct amount will be processed in this new transaction. If you are changing the services, in the event that the client had different services to what they were originally booked in for, click here to learn the correct way of doing this.

Once you have re-processed the transaction via POS for the correct amount, you will need to backdate the transaction so that it appears on the original day's transaction list.

Backdating a transaction

To backdate the transaction, go back to today's date in the Transaction List in POS, and Edit the transaction you just re-processed.

On the right side panel change the Transaction Date and Save.


All done!

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