Appointments Report—View past and future appointments, including Online Bookings


With the Appointments Report, you can gain valuable insight into all appointment activity within your account. This report allows you to view all past and future appointments, including those made via Online Bookings!

You'll be given relevant and useful appointment information, which can be easily sorted through using different filtering options. You can even directly SMS or Email clients from this report! 

In this article we'll be covering the following (feel free to use the links to jump ahead):

Accessing and the Appointments Report to view Past or Future Appointments

To view the Appointments Report, go to Reporting, then Report List, and select Appointments Report:


Simply enter in the required date range to cover the bookings you'd like to see. For example, if you'd like to see past appointments, simply enter in how far back you'd like to go in the From section, and leave To as the current date. If you'd like to see future appointments, leave From as the current date and enter how far you'd like to go into the To section.

Once you've chosen your dates click Go and then the report will load:


Filtering by Operator, including the Wait List Column

You can use the Operator drop-down menu to narrow down your search to a specific operator. Once you have your dates select, choose your operator and then click Go:


This is also where you can see a list of all your Wait List clients for the date range that you've entered. (If you've named your Wait List column something else, it will be reflected here as well):


Filtering by Appointment Flags, e.g. No Show, Confirmed, Arrived, First Visit etc

The Flags filter is a super useful option. Not only can you filter by flags that have been applied to clients, you can filter in the opposite way as well. For example, you could filter by clients who have a Confirmed flag, or you could filter clients who do not have a Confirmed flag applied.

To do this, simply click Select next to the FLAGS option, choose which flags you'd like to filter by then select Filter:


For example, if you wanted to see all clients who have not yet confirmed their appointments, you would select the Not Confirmed option:


Another example is if you'd like to see clients who were marked as a No Show:


You can even combine multiple Flags to get more specific! For example, maybe you want to see if there are clients who had their appointment confirmed, but still ended up as a no show—you could combine the No Show and Confirmed flags:


You can use all types of flag combinations to view the specific appointment data that you need! The Flag filter can also be combined with the Operator, Booking Type or Status filters.

Filtering by Booking Type, e.g. bookings made via the Appointments page, POSpage or Online Bookings

The Booking Type filter allows you to view specifically where an appointment was made. You can use this filter to view appointments that were made via the Appointments page, via POS (Point of Sale) or via Online Bookings. 

For example, if you wanted to view appointments that were booking via your Online Booking mini-site, you would select Online Booking from the Booking Type drop-down menu and then select Go:


What do the symbols mean?

These symbols indicate where a booking was made:

Screen_Shot_2021-12-24_at_4.42.11_pm.png = Appointments Page

Screen_Shot_2021-12-24_at_4.42.31_pm.png = Online Bookings

Screen_Shot_2021-12-24_at_4.42.39_pm.png = POS

Screen_Shot_2021-12-24_at_4.43.07_pm.png = Slick

Filtering by Status, e.g. Open and Paid Appointments

The Status filter allows you to view appointments that are already Paid (appointments that have been processed via POS, or paid in full via Online Bookings), or you can view appointments that are Open (have not yet been processed via POS).

For example, you may want to use the Open filter to find past appointments that were missed and haven't been processed through POS yet. Simply click Go after you've selected your date range:


SMS & Email Client's with Past or Future Appointments

You can use the Appointments Report to directly communicate with your clients. Simply specify the From and To date range (you can also filter by Operator or Booking Type). Then click Go:


Once you've got the required client list, click Send SMS to create an SMS Message:


Or click Send Email to craft an Email:


If you click Send SMS or Send Email while on the Appointments Report, it will show you how many clients the message will be sent to. For SMS, it will show you approximately how many SMS's will be required. If there are clients with multiple appointments - they'll only count as a client once, which means they'd only receive one message.

Once you've hit Send Message on your SMS or Email, there's no going back. So it's very important that you use functions provided to you in Simple Salon such as the character counter, and the preview message function to enable you to complete a pre-campaign test. This will ensure any mistakes will be seen and can be adjusted accordingly. If you're using SMS, we'd recommend clicking this link for further information on how much one SMS costs.

View Operator's Roster Items or Tasks:

You can even use the Appointments Report to view your operators roster items or tasks that have been added to the Appointments page.

To view roster items, simply click the Roster tick box then set the required date range. You can also choose a specific Operator. Then click Go:


To view tasks instead, simply click the Tasks tick box then set the required date range. You can also choose a specific Operator. Then click Go:


Export as CSV, Print or Download PDF 

You can export the Appointments Report to view even more details than what is on the on-screen report—simply click the Export as CSV button:


This will include further information such as Operator name, Service Date, Start Time & End Time, Duration (Mins), Client Name along with their Email & Contact No, Price, Status and Appointment Comments:


You can click Print (next to Export as CSV) to print the Appointments Report.

This is also what you'll click if you want to download a PDF version. Simply locate the 'Save as PDF' button in the print window (this will usually be under 'Destination'):


You will also notice the Print Select Client Cards option. You can use this if for example you like having a physical copy of the clients that are coming in (which includes their past appointment notes).

First you'll need to select the tick boxes of client's whose client cards you wish to print (or save as PDF). Then click Print Selected Client Cards:


The client cards will populate in a new window, at which point you can click Print on the top right corner:


You can either Save as PDF, or select the printer you wish to use. Select Print if you've selected a printer, or Save if you're choosing the PDF option:


If you ever have any questions, please send them to us via the Submit a Request option in your Help & Support page—we're here to help.

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