Using 'Operator Levels' to Customise Service Pricing & Durations


Do you have some more senior operators who perhaps take less time to perform their services, and who might cost more? Do you have some apprentices who take a little longer to perform the service, and might cost less?

The operator level feature allows you to set different pricing and duration for services an operator performs.

Creating your Operator Levels

To customise an Operator Level, click Admin and select the Lists tab. In the Select Lists drop-down menu and choose Operator Levels.

Across on the right-hand corner click New

On the right side panel, enter the Operators Level Details (i.e. Senior Colourist, Junior, Apprentice) enter your own Operator Level Name and click Save

You will see that this will add the newly created Operator level, under Name (i.e Senior Colourist).

Assigning your Operator Levels to your Operators

You can now assign the newly created operator level (Senior Colourist) to one or more of your operators.

To do this, go to the Operator tab and select the operator (i.e Joey) who you would like to assign the newly created operator level to. Click Edit on the right hand side next to their name. 

Next, you will see Operator Details where you will be able to assign your newly created Operator Level to this operator. Using the drop-down menu next to Operator Level make a selection (for this example you can see "Senior Colourist" has been chosen for Joey) and Save.

Assigning the Operator Level to your Services

The last thing we need to do is assign the Operator Level to the Service. To do this click on the Services tab, in Admin.

Under Categories, select the desired category you would like to add the new Operator Level to (i.e COLOURS).

Select the Service you would like to apply the new Operator Level to (i.e Full Head Foils) then click Add Level.

You are then able to select your newly created Operator Level (using the drop-down menu) and assign a price and time duration for the service (i.e. Senior Colourist, $140.00, 1 Hrs 15 min).

Then click Save.

You can now see that the Operator Level of Senior Colourist has been added to Full Head Foils service.

Now when you make an appointment with Joey for a Full Head Foils, it will automatically charge the allocated price and adjust the time duration of the appointment.

Want to see Operator Levels in action? Check out the video:


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