Deleting & Undeleting an Operator


If you have deleted an operator and you want them back, this article shows you how to easily un-delete the operator and regain access to all of their appointments and other info.

Deleting an Operator

Before you delete an operator, be sure to move ALL future appointments out of their operator column and into a different operator column.

Go to your Admin page, click the Operators tab and Edit the operator. On the right side panel click Delete.

Now in the Appointments page you will see that the operator's column has been deleted, along will all their appointments.

Undeleting an Operator

If you have deleted an operator and you would like to undelete them, go to Admin, then into the Operators tab and click Show Deleted.


This will bring up all the operators who you have previously deleted, find the operator in the list and click Undelete.


Then when you go back to the Appointments page, you will be able to see the operators column again. 

Want to see this in action? Take a look:


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