What to Do When a Staff Member Leaves


In the event that you have a staff member leave, follow all the steps in this article to ensure that you remove them as an operator and a user.

An "Operator" is someone who has a column in your Appointments page, and a "User" is someone who has access to the account via login details or a pin.

Deleting the operator

Before you delete the operator, you first need to move ALL future appointments out of their column and into someone else's column. Otherwise, if you delete the operator without moving the future appointment, the future appointments will also disappear.

To see a list of the operator's future appointments go to Reporting > Report List > Appointments Report > change the dates to a future date range, as far into the future as you think they have appointments booked, and choose the operator name from the Operator filter. Use this report as a reference to know which future appointments to move.

Once you have moved all of the operator's future appointments, now you can delete them.

Go to Admin > Operators tab > Edit the operator and choose Delete on the right side panel.


Deleting as a user, or changing the password

If this staff member has their own set of login details, you'll need to delete them as a user. If this staff member is using generic login details that others also know, you will need to change all passwords that the user knows.

Both of these things you need to do via your Account page in the Manage Users section.

You can get into Account by clicking the blue circle icon on the top right corner:


If the staff member has their own login details, Edit their user and click Delete on the right side panel:


If the staff member is using generic login details, that others are also using, Edit the user and tick Change Password on the right side panel.

Enter a new password, retype it below and Save. Also, if you are using pins, click Generate New to reset the user pin.

You will need to tell all of your existing staff members what the new passwords are, and what the new pins are if that is applicable.

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