Account Feature—Add Credit to Clients Account to Use in POS as a Deposit, or Pay for Sale Without Credit in their Account


The Account feature allows clients to add credit to their personal account which they can later use to pay for their sale in POS, e.g. as a Deposit.

This feature works the opposite way as well, where the client can use their account to pay for a sale in full, or partially pay for their sale—even if they don't actually have credit on the account! The client simply can pay for the owing amount at a later date.

Add Credits to Personal Account, e.g. for a Deposit

Simply add the client to POS, click Add Client (bottom left), search for the client on the right side panel and click client's name in Search Results.

Once the client is in POS, click Add Items and select the Add To Account option.


On the right side panel enter the amount that they are adding as credit to their account, then click Save.

Close the Add Items To Sale... pop up window, click Receive Payment, select the payment type they're using and Finish Sale.


Their account balance will adjust accordingly, which can be viewed via the Actions menu in their client card.


When the client would like to use their credits to pay for their next sale, simply add them back to POS.

You'll notice that their Account balance also displays in POS, showing you how much they either have to spend, or how much they need to pay back:


To use their Account balance (either partially or in full), click Receive Payment, and then choose the Account option. If they still have a leftover balance, then you would choose another payment method such as EFTPOS or Cash. Finish Sale as normal, and their account balance will adjust:


Pay For Sale Without Credit in their Account

The Account feature works the opposite way as well, where the client can use their account to pay in full, or pay partially for their sale even if they don't have credit on the account.

The account balance will go into negative, and it can be fixed up at a later date.

To do this, add the client and their services/products to POS as you normally would:


Click Receive Payment.

If the client is paying part of the sale, then you would enter in the amount their payment with their payment method of choice, e.g. EFTPOS, Cash.
Then for the remaining amount you would choose Account as the second payment type, and Finish Sale:


If they're paying the full amount with 'On Account' instead, then you can just select Account and Finish Sale.

Then when they are ready to pay the outstanding amount back, add the client to POS. You'll see the amount that they're negative in their Account as per the image below:


To pay this amount back, click Add Items, click Add To Account, enter in the amount they're paying back, click Save:


Then you can Receive Payment, choose how they are paying, and Finish Sale as normal. Their account balance will now be adjusted.

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