Add Multiple Clients to One Transaction in POS


You can add multiple clients to the one sale in POS i.e. a mother and daughter paying together.

If you have a mother and daughter who have come in together, and mum is paying for herself and the daughter, both clients can be processed in the one transaction. The system recognises each person as a separate client, with separate client cards, however, they can pay together on the same bill.

Lets begin! Click one of the client's names on their appointment, and select Add Client To Sale. This will take the first client and their services across to POS.

To add the next client to POS, click the Add Client button (bottom left in POS).

On the right side panel either search for the next client, or use the Today's Clients drop down menu to add the next client to POS, and click GO.

The next client and their services will be added below the first client.

Click Receive Payment, choose payment type and Finish Sale as you normally would.

Each client's appointment details and history will be tracked in their own client card, but the payment for both clients is taken in the one transaction.

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