Dynamic Surcharging with Tyro


When you have connected your Simple Salon account to Tyro, it is possible to set up surcharging. This allows you to recover some or most of the cost of accepting card payments.

You can configure the surcharge by logging into your Tyro portal.

Simply click the link below to view Tyro's instructions:

Once you've set it up in Tyro, there's nothing further you'll need to do in your Simple Salon account!

Your Simple Salon account will automatically apply the surcharge via POS.


  • The End of Day in Simple Salon shows the full Tyro amount taken including any surcharges, and so will the Tyro terminal End of Day summary. This means that the End of Day figure in Simple Salon will still match the Tyro End of Day figure when surcharging is on.

  • Enabling surcharging in Tyro will not affect your sales numbers in Simple Salon. The surcharge is only added to the transaction total. For example, you will see the surcharge on the client's sale via the Transaction List, but the surcharge amount will not be added to your sales numbers (e.g. via the Sales Report).

This is an example of what the surcharge looks like on the Simple Salon invoice:


This is an example of what the surcharge looks like on the Tyro receipt:


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