Why didn't my SMS reminders send?


This could be due to one of a few reasons. To determine why your SMS reminders didn't send, go through this quick checklist:

1. Check SMS Reminders are Enabled for clients

If you've recently turned off your SMS Reminders, you may have also disabled your client's from receiving reminders. Click here for more information on enabling your client for reminders.

NOTE: SMS Reminder Campaigns are sent at the same time each day. As such, if you enable your reminders too late in the day—you will miss the cut off. Your reminders will send normally from the next day onwards.


2. Check the "Error" message in Campaign Report

Go to Marketing > Campaign Report > change dates to the day when the reminders didn't send > click Recipients for the SMS Reminder Campaign. 

If your SMSs attempted to send but were unsuccessful, it will say Error in the Status column. Click the "Error" link and read the error message.

It might tell you that the client had no mobile, or that you have no credits left. If the message is easy for you to understand, you'll need to go ahead and fix the issue i.e. enter a mobile number into the client's details or buy credits etc.

If the error message reads: "SMS PROVIDER ERROR: ERROR: error parsing response"—

This means there was a possible momentary server/internet connection issue at the time of sending, so all you need to is click the Back To Main Report link and click Re-Send to re-send the SMS reminder campaign then and there.

If you're unsure of what any of the errors mean, please reach out to us at Support and we can look into it for you.

3. Check that you have your Appointment Reminders enabled

Go to Admin > SMS & Email > you should have ticks next to either (or both if it's your preference) 1st Appointment Reminder and/or 2nd Appointment Reminder.

4. Check that you are connected to Simple Salon Messaging

Go to Admin > SMS & Email > in the SMS Account Setup section, check that you are connected and that your credit balance is displaying.

5. Check that you have enough credits

Go to Admin > SMS & Email > in the SMS Account Setup section, check that you have enough SMS credits. If you don't, you'll need to click Buy Credits and follow the prompts to purchase some more.

Note: If you are unable to click the Buy Credits button, or it asks you for a login—this means one of two things:

1. You have pop-ups disabled for Simple Salon. As Simple Salon uses pop-ups, certain things in your account won't function as they should if pop-ups aren't enabled. Click here for more information.

2. You're running through the process on a mobile phone. Your SMS Account is optimised for use on a desktop/laptop—if you're on your phone it will ask for a login (which you won't have a login for, as it's supposed to bring you straight to the SMS Account). You'll need to instead switch to a desktop to complete the process. Click here for more info.

6. Check that you haven't put a number in the 'Dedicated Number' Section

If you've recently put in a number or word in the Dedicated Number section in SMS Account setup without purchasing a virtual number, (Admin > SMS & Email) you'll want to remove it as this turns off 2-Way Communication (unless you don't need client's to respond). Client's will be receiving the message, however you will not be able to receive the response. To purchase a unique number, please click here for more information. 

If you have any further questions, send them to us via your Help & Support page by clicking the Submit a Request option—we're here to help.

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