Unique Virtual SMS Numbers in Simple Salon Messaging (SSM)


As you know, Simple Salon is designed to send your clients SMS reminders and promotions. If you would like your SMS's to come from the same number every time, you can have your own unique virtual number.

Note: A unique number comes at an extra cost. You will be able to view the different fees before deciding to purchase.

If you don't have a virtual number purchased, your SMS's will be sent from a pool of numbers, selected randomly.

Purchasing Your Virtual Number in Simple Salon Messaging

Go to Admin, then SMS & Email. In the SMS Account Setup section click Buy Credits.


Once in your Simple Salon Messaging account, click Cancel to close the Buy Credits pop up window.

Click the NUMBERS menu option on the top left.



Use the Available Numbers drop down menu to pick the dedicated Virtual Number which you would like to purchase. Click ACTIVATE when you've chosen it.


You're all done.

Your SMS's will now come from this one number, making it easier for your clients to recognise your SMS's. Now your clients can save this number in their phones as your salon, so that whenever your Simple Salon account messages them, it will come up as your salon contact.

This number can't be called, it is only for the purpose of sending SMS's to your clients from your Simple Salon account.

NOTE: In regards to the 'Dedicated Number' which is located in SMS Account Setup (see below for an example)—if you input a number (that hasn't been paid for as above) or a word into the Optional Dedicated Number box, client's will receive the messages, but you will NOT receive responses. You need to pay for a unique number as shown above to continue 2-way communication. Please click here for further information.


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