Accounts Report—View which clients owe you money and which clients are in credit


If you use the 'On Account' feature, you may have clients who have a positive credit balance (In Credit) or a negative credit balance (Owing). 

For example, clients may have topped up their account balance to pay for an appointment at a later date, or they may have partially paid for a previous sale and are still owing.

You can use the Accounts Report to easily track these clients, as well as view their top up or purchase history all from the one report!

To view this report, go to Reporting > Report List > Accounts Report:


Once you've loaded into the Accounts Report, by default the Account Status will be set to All. This means all clients with both a positive and negative balance will be displayed.

You can use the Account Status menu to narrow it down to clients with an Owing balance:


Or you can narrow it down to clients with an In Credit balance:


You can send an SMS or an Email to directly to your Owing and/or In Credit clients! Simply use the Send SMS button, or the Send Email buttons at the bottom of the report. You can also Export as CSV, or Print this report. 

If you want to view a specific client's top up or purchase history, simply click Show Details next to the client:


  • Purchased On Account - The client has paid for a sale using their current account balance
  • Topped Up Account - The client has purchased an amount to top up their account balance, e.g. they may have purchased credits for later use, or they might have paid an owing amount
  • Refunded Account Top Up - The client had previously topped up an amount, but has then been refunded for this amount

If you want to find out more information on a specific account transaction (such as viewing the invoice where a purchase, top up or refund was made), you'll need to navigate to their client account. You can do this by using the Client Search to the right:


Once you've clicked on the client's name in the Search Results and have navigated to their client details page, click the Actions menu:


Then click the Account Transactions option, as shown above.

The Account Transactions window will appear, which shows all transactions the client has made using their account balance:


Simply click the Print icon as shown above to bring up the invoice for that specific transaction:


You'll now be able to see the full details of the transaction. For example in the above invoice, we can see that the client had partially paid for this sale using the $10 they had on their account, and paid for the rest using cash!

If you have any further questions, please send them to us via the Submit a Request option in your Help & Support page—we're here to help!

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