Packages Overview


The Simple Salon Packages Feature allows you to sell a set of products, services or gift vouchers in one handy package.

This allows clients to redeem services over a period of time, and products or gift vouchers can be collected when the client would like them. This overview will be covering the following sections:

Where to View, Edit and Create Packages

All of your Packages are kept in one easy access spot, located in Admin > Redeemables:


Whenever you need to create a new package, you can go to the Packages section and select New.


The following details are needed when creating a new Package:

  • Package Name
  • Retail Price ($)
  • Expiration — You can select from you choice of either Days, Weeks, Months or Years for your Package to expire. You can also set it to never Expire.
  • Loyalty Points Earned
  • Barcode (if applicable)
  • GST Free — This allows you to set the package to be GST free when selling to clients.

This next step is important!

Once completed, selecting Next allows you to add the items (i.e Services, Products or Gift Vouchers) to this package via the Add Package Item sidebar:


Selecting the Item Type drop-down menu allows you to switch between a Visit (i.e a Service), Product or Gift Voucher.


You can Save and continue adding in Package Items until the Package is complete. 

Tip: Make sure you enter in a Quantity! If you're selling a single service as part of the package, you need to enter 1 into Quantity - don't leave it blank!

Selling Packages to Clients

Simple Salon makes the process of selling your packages super easy. It's no different than adding a normal Service or Product to POS.

When you're in POS you can Add Client to the sale, then click the Add Items link.

The Add Items to Sale pop-up window will appear, at which point you can click the Package button:


You'll need to fill out the right side panel and select the desired package from the menu, and Save.

The package will be added to the client's sale for you to Receive Payment, select payment type, and Finish Sale. This package will now be processed, and will be ready for redemption!

Note: You can only sell Packages to clients that have an account with you. If you there is no client attached to the sale, the option to sell a Package will not appear. 

Viewing and Redeeming Client's Pending Package Services, Products or Gift Vouchers

You have two choices when booking in a client for a service that is apart of a package:

  • Locking the appointment in via their client card
  • Make the appointment for the service directly into the Appointments book

Redeeming Services via Client Card

To do it via the client card, you can simply search for the client and navigate to their client card.

At the bottom of the client card you'll notice a Visits / Packages section.

The Packages section is where all the client's purchased pending packages will be. The number represents how many pre-paid items/services the client still has to redeem.

Pending means that these services are yet to be booked (redeemed):


To book the appointment you would simply click Lock In, at which point you'll be taken across to your Appointments diary. The Clipboard (right side panel) is holding on to the service while you navigate your way around the Appointments page until you settle on the day you wish to book the appointment for.

Once you find your day, simply click the time slot you wish to book the service into.


The appointment is automatically grey to indicate that it has already been paid for.


Redeeming Services via Appointments Book

This way allows you to make the appointment for the service directly into the Appointments book.

When the client has come in and completed the service, you would begin by selecting the client's name on their appointment, then selecting Add Client To Sale.


When the appointment is brought over to POS, you'll notice a yellow star come up next to the price of any services which are already pre-paid as part of a client's package.


Click the yellow star next to the price and click OK to redeem as part of the package.



The service will disappear from POS as it has already been paid for.

Redeeming Products 

When a client has purchased a package that has products, simply go to their client card and in the Products section, click Collect next to the product.


If there is more than one product sold in the Package, the client can redeem them all at once. All you need to do is set the Qty to Collect on the right side bar:


Redeeming a Gift Voucher Purchased in a Package

If the client has purchased a Package that has a Gift Voucher apart of it—the Gift Voucher first needs to be Collected.

Go to the Gift Vouchers tab while in their client card. You'll see that the Gift Voucher that was purchased apart of a Package has a star icon next to it:


Click Collect next to the Gift Voucher. Once it's been collected, the client will now be able to use the Gift Voucher. 

Simply click View next to the Gift Voucher to view the Voucher ID number; edit the expiration date (if an expiration date was setup in Gift Voucher Admin); or update the Remaining Value:


Viewing Client's Purchased Packages and Editing their Expiry Dates 

When you're not looking to book a package item in, and simply want to view details of the Package as a whole, navigate back over to the relevant client's client card.

In the Products / Gift Vouchers / Packages section—the Packages link will show you all of the client's purchased packages, as well as their purchase date and expiry date.

Selecting View next to any of these packages will bring up Package Details. This is where you can adjust the expiration date, or set it to never expire:


Returning a Booked Service Back to It's Package

Simple Salon has a quick and easy process to return a booked in pre-paid service back to it's package. In fact, it will only take a few seconds!

You simply need to locate the client's Appointment on the Appointments page. Clicking on their name will bring up Visit Details, and at this point you can click Add Back to Package:


Click Restore to go ahead with returning the package to the client list:


After confirming this action, the service will go back to the client's client card, waiting in a Pending state under the Packages section, ready to be booked in again at a later date.


Refunding Packages

If your client unfortunately changes their mind about the Salon Package they have previously purchased, then it is possible to refund the package.

This process will depend on whether or not the client has already booked in one or more of their pre-paid services.

If the client has already booked in a pre-paid service from a package, then you'll need to find these appointments first and add them back to the package as previously described in this overview.

It's important to do this first to ensure that there are no appointments scheduled after you refund the package. If you don't do this step, these services will still be displaying as unpaid in your Appointment columns.

As long as there are no services booked in, you can begin the refund process. The following article will take you through refunding and/or deleting the package transaction:

Refunding a Prepaid Salon Package


Package Purchase Report

To find out liabilities for outstanding packages, or to view expiration dates for client's pending packages, you can head over to the Package Purchase Report, located in Reporting then Report List.

You can specify your dates, then once the packages load you can select Show Details to see which clients are currently owing. You can also filter down by Expires Within as well as via the Operator who sold the package:


Having "Group By Client" ticked, will load the list as follows:


Having "Group By Client" un-ticked will show further information such as the date the package was purchased, the operator who sold it as well as the expiry date:


Clicking on the Client Name allows you to edit their Personal Details on the right side panel:


You can also send clients on these lists an SMS or Email, reminding them about their unused packages via the Send SMS or Send Email buttons (if you're unable to send the client an SMS or Email, you can check to see if they're enabled for SMS/Email Promotions via the SMS & Email section in Personal Details).

Liability Report

You can utilise the Liability Report to view clients who have outstanding packages. This can be accessed via the Report List in Reporting. Then, you can click Show Details next to Packages Liability.


A list of all clients with outstanding package(s) will generate. Clicking on the client's name will bring you to their client card, where you can see their pending packages:


You can select Export as CSV to export a full version of the Packages Liability report, which will give you further information such as Items Remaining and Balance:


If you have any specific questions in regards to Packages, or any have any other questions, please send them to us via the Submit a Request option in your Help & Support page.

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