Customising your Marketing Lists—Adding & Removing Clients


With your Simple Salon account you can tailor-make and customise your very own unique client Marketing Lists.

You can target clients who came in, clients who didn't, first-time clients or recurring clients and many more, directly from the Marketing page.

When you add clients to a Marketing List, you can send them an SMS and/or email to offer them a specially suited promotion just for them! 

In this article we'll be covering the following (click the link to jump ahead):

Creating Client Lists using the 'Add To List' Option

To create a list, go to Marketing and start with one of the options there:


In this example, we'll be using the Clients Who Came In For A Service option (the below instructions will be the same no matter what Marketing option you choose though)!

After clicking on a marketing option, select your date range in the Search Filters panel, and use the filter menus as needed:


After clicking Search, you'll be taken into the search results.

Now you need to use the checkboxes to select each client you want added to the list:


Once you have selected the relevant clients, click Add To List.

In the Client List dropdown menu, leave it as "- new list -".

Give your list a name in the Name section:


After you click Add, these clients will now be added to this new Marketing List:


Once you've created a list, you can select the Send SMS or Send Email button to craft custom promotional material or send updates!

This list and any others created can be accessed from the Lists tab in Marketing:


Creating Client Lists Manually

You can also create a new list directly from the Lists page (via Marketing).

Simply click the New List button: 


You'll be prompted to give your list a name:


Click Add, and your new list will be created:


Click on the new list you've created to access it.

From here, you can click the Add Clients button. This will take you over to Marketing so you can find clients to add to your new list:


Otherwise, you can add clients directly into the list by typing their name into the Add individual client... section. 

Once you've created a list, you can select the Send SMS or Send Email button to craft custom promotional material or send updates!

Adding Individual Clients to an Existing List

Once you have created a list, you can add clients into the list directly (i.e. without viewing a Marketing option first).

Go to Marketing and then Lists.

Click on the list you want to individually add clients to, for example:


Once the list has loaded, you'll see the Add individual client... section:


Start typing the client's name, and you'll be able to click on their name to add them to the list:


Customising a Client List Using the 'Remove From List' Option

To remove a client from a Marketing List that you have created, go to Marketing > Lists.

Click on the list you would like to remove clients from.

From here you can select the clients you would like to remove, then when you're ready you can select Remove Client/s from List:


Get creative with your marketing lists! Think up ways to use the Add To List and Remove From List options to tailor your unique client lists to ensure that no one flies under the radar. Keep your clients coming back, and get them coming in for more.

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