Simple Salon Benchmarking––See how your business compares


Simple Salon Benchmarking shows you where you stand in comparison to other salons of your size. There's nothing quite like a spot of healthy competition to keep your business on its toes. Your salon's performance is measured against other salons to help you set realistic performance expectations and identify areas of opportunity. Benchmarking gives you a powerful perspective.

Your benchmarking is found via the Reporting section in the Benchmarking tab.


Use the week drop-down menu to select your desired range. You have the options This Week, Last Week, This Month and Last Month.

Let's take a look at what each section focuses on.

The Sales box shows your salon's sales figures and a breakdown of sales for Products and Services.

Note: The yellow line represents your salon's sales figures, and the blue line represents the benchmark—the average across salons of your size.

The Averages box focuses on how your service price, service duration, the number of clients and average client spend compares to the benchmark average.

The Operators Sales box takes a look at each of your operators one at a time to see how their service sales, product sales and the number of clients compared to the benchmark average.


The Operators Averages box shows you how each operator's average client spend and rebook rate compares to the benchmark average.


With this kind of knowledge, you can implement fresh strategies and set in motion some effective marketing to make your business more profitable.

Your growth potential increases when you are equipped with the facts about your business. The Simple Salon Benchmarking feature tracks and records performance facts so that you know exactly where your business stands.

For more tips on how your Simple Salon Benchmarking can be used to grow your business, check out the link: Knowledge is power: Know where you stand.

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