Automatic 1-Touch Marketing Overview


We have a great variety of options when it comes to marketing to your clients. Luckily for you, the following message types are automated. You can access these from:

Admin SMS & Email  >  1-Touch Marketing


First and Second Appointment Reminders

Simple Salon allows you to set two rounds of automatic appointment reminders.

  • The first round can be set to automatically send a certain number of days before your client's appointment.
  • The second round can be set for a less number of days before the client's appointment. However, it will only be sent out to client's with appointments that are not flagged as confirmed.

Click here to learn how to set up your appointment reminders.

First Visit Message

Clients will receive an automated SMS and/or email after their first appointment at your salon.

You can choose the number of days after their first appointment for the system to send them their message. This article will show you how to set it up.

It is also possible to insert a review into your First Visit Message. You will need to create a form in a program like Google Forms first. Then you will receive a URL which can be put into a Simple Salon template. Click here to see the process.

Birthday Message

Clients will receive an automated SMS and/or email before their birthday, or on their birthday. This article will show you the options.

It is also possible to create your own custom Birthday template. You can learn how to do this in detail by viewing this article.

New Client Message

When enabled, clients will receive an automated SMS and/or email after they have been added to your database as a new client.

Client's Who Haven't Been In

This feature allows you to send out promotional material when your clients haven’t been in for awhile.

Clients will receive an automated SMS and/or email a number of weeks since their last appointment. Only clients who have no future appointments will be sent this message. Click here for more information.

Operator Appointment Notifications

Operators will be notified via SMS and/or email when they have a new appointment (regular and online), or when their existing appointments are updated or cancelled. This article will go further into detail.

Appointment Follow Up

Clients will receive an automated SMS and/or email a number of hours or days after their appointment. You can set this for all services, or for specific services. Please visit this article for detailed instructions.

Re-Book Reminder

This feature gives you the ability to reach out to clients to let them know they're due for a visit if they haven't re-booked their service in the future.

Client will receive an automated Re-book Reminder SMS and/or email a number of weeks after their last appointment. Please click here for an in-depth article.

If you have any questions, please send them to us via the Submit a Request option in your Help & Support page.

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