Automatically Market to Clients Who Haven’t Been In


Simple Salon is designed to send your clients SMS & Email Reminders and Promotions automatically via 1-Touch Marketing. The Clients Who Haven’t Been In feature allows you to send out promotional material when your clients haven’t been in for awhile.

To turn this functionality on, go to Admin, then go to the SMS & Email tab.

In your 1-Touch Marketing section, you'll see Clients Who Haven't Been In.


Edit Clients Who Haven’t Been In and check out the settings on the right-side panel.

  • SMS Enabled: Tick this if you would like your Clients to be notified via SMS.
  • Email Enabled: Tick this if you would like your Clients to be notified via Email.

Note: You can tick both options, and Clients will receive an SMS and an Email.

  • No visit in the last:  Choose how many months you’d like since the clients last visited. For example, if you’d like to target clients who haven’t been in for 6 months, select 6 Months from the drop down.

Important: This example would send to all clients in your database who have not had an appointment in the last 6 months if they don't have a future booking. For example, if you have 3000 clients, and only 300 visited in the last 6 months, the message would send to 2700 clients (If the 2700 don't have a future visit).

  • Send each month on: Choose the date of the month in which to send out the message.
  • SMS/Email template: You can choose which template is to be used for these notifications. If you would like to customise the templates, please refer to the Creating & Editing SMS Email Templates in Simple-Salon article for the steps. After you have created the templates, select them from the drop-down menus here.

Note: Default SMS & Email templates have been set specifically for Clients Who Haven’t Been In. If you’d like to create a new template but are not sure where to start, you can use the default templates as a starting point.

If you have any questions, please send them to us via the Submit a Request option in your Help & Support page.

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