Auto Approve your Online Bookings


Now is the perfect time to indulge in the possibility of extra time away from your phone, doing something else, aside from checking online bookings.

If you'd like to automatically accept your Online Bookings, follow the guide in the following article to enable this process.

To begin the process, click on 'Online' > 'Admin' which will automatically load the 'General Settings' tab:



In the 'General Settings' tab, scroll down to 'APPROVAL SETTINGS', located between 'CLIENT SETTINGS' and the 'Notification Settings'


To enable auto approval, tick the 'Enable Auto Approval' tick box then click 'Save'


You'll receive a notification once the change has been processed and you can then click 'OK'


At this point, clients who successfully place a booking, will receive a notification letting them know their booking has been confirmed


Clients will then receive the short confirmation email, and a further detailed Email or SMS further down the track with appointment information.

They may also receive an appointment reminder depending on your setup.

There are also a couple of changes you should be aware of when this process has been completed.

1) By default, you will no longer receive a notification letting you know a booking has been made in your salon, as there is no action required on your behalf.

If you wish to setup Simple Salon so that you do receive a notification, you'll need to setup or change your 'Operator Appointment Notifications' to send you media when an appointment for Online Bookings has been made.

Click here to setup 'Operator Appointment Notifications'

2) Although there is no longer a 2 hour appointment approval required, during business hours, your clients will still be able to only book approximately 2 hours from the current time.

Please note that we will be introducing a feature to allow clients to book closer to the current time in a future update.

If you have any questions, feel free to send them to us via your Help & Support page by clicking Submit a Request.


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