Operator Appointment Notifications in 1-Touch Marketing—Regular Appointments and Online Bookings


Would you like your Simple Salon to automatically notify your operators via SMS and/or email when they have a new appointment (regular and online), or even when their existing appointments are updated or cancelled? 

Have a read of the following article to ensure that your operators are always up to date with their schedule, and are aware of all appointments updates as they occur. 

Step 1. Enabling Operator Appointment Notifications in 1-Touch Marketing

To turn this functionality on, go to Admin, then go to the SMS & Email tab.

In your 1-Touch Marketing section, you'll see the Operator Appointment Notifications.

Edit the Operator Appointment Notifications and check out the settings on the right side panel.


  • SMS Enabled: Tick this if you would like your operators to be notified via SMS.
  • Email Enabled: Tick this if you would like your operators to be notified via Email.

Note: You can tick both options, and operators will receive an SMS and an Email.

You can choose which appointment changes warrant an SMS/email notification for your operators:

  • New Appointment: This will send an SMS/email to notify your operators of all new appointments made in their column.
  • Appointment Cancelled: This will send an SMS/email to notify your operators when an appointment is deleted from their column.
  • Appointment Updated: This will send an SMS/email to notify your operators when an appointment in their column is rescheduled.

Setting the notifications for regular appointments and/or online bookings

The next setting is to choose what the notifications are for—the regular appointments made from the Appointments Page, or for the appointments made via your Online Bookings site. You can select All types as well.

Lastly, you can choose the SMS/email template which is to be used for these notifications. If you would like to customise the templates, please refer to the Creating & Editing SMS Email Templates in Simple-Salon article for the steps. After you have created the templates, selected them from the drop down menus here.

When you have filled out all of the settings, click Save.

Here is an example of what an operator notification will look like as an SMS:

Note: These notifications are sent to the operator who the regular or online appointment is booked with, however, if you want the notifications to be sent to the salon email, then you'll need to put the salon email address in each of the operators' personal details sections in the Operators tab (in Admin).

Step 2. Enabling Operators to Receive Appointment Notifications

In order for your operators to receive these notifications, you need to enable each operator.

Go to Admin, choose the Operators tab and Edit an operator. On the right side panel expand (+) the Notifications section in the Operator Details.


If you would like this operator to only receive notifications via SMS, tick SMS Appointment Updates. If you only want the operator to receive notifications via email, tick Email Appointment Notifications. If you want them to receive both an SMS and email, tick both settings. Click Save when you're done.

That's all there is to it. Your operators won't miss a beat again.

If you have any questions, please send them to us via the Submit a Request option in your Help & Support page.

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