AutoFill - Quck PIN issues or Password not working?


If you're entering in your correct Quick PIN, or your Password is not working, your internet browser may be storing an old password or PIN.

While it's convenient to store your login credentials in your browser, problems can begin occurring, for example, when you begin using an updated password, and the browser thinks you're using the old password, or when you store your quick PIN, and the browser automatically tries to log you in under an old PIN, or when your quick PIN always logs you in under the same user.

These problems are caused when the browser stores inappropriate or outdated information, usually after you've made a change to passwords or PINs.

If these scenarios sound familiar, it's time to end the headache (Would you believe without Paracetamol?), and remove the auto fill from your browser:

1. Identify which browser you are using by scrolling down the list and clicking on the appropriate 'Click here if you're using' link:

Safari Browser (Click here if you're using Safari)


Google Chrome (Click here if you're using Google Chrome)


Mozilla Firefox (Click here if you're using Mozilla Firefox)




Microsoft Edge (Click here if you're using Microsoft Edge)


Internet Explorer (Click here if you're using Internet Explorer)





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