Internet Explorer - Clear AutoFill


To clear your AutoFill for the Internet Explorer browser, please follow the instructions below:

1. Click on the 'Settings' icon at the top-right of the browser


2. When settings drop down loads, click on the 'Internet Options' row


3. When 'Internet Options' loads, click on the 'Content' tab then click on 'Settings' in the 'AutoComplete' section


4. The following page will load - click the 'Manage Passwords' button


5. The following page will load - click on 'Web Credentials' then click the 'Delete' link on each Simple Salon password stored in the 'Web Passwords' section


5. Close the window above by clicking the red 'X' then click on the 'Delete AutoComplete history...' button as shown below


6. To delete all form data and passwords from all sites, un-tick all the tick boxes, except for 'Form data' and 'Passwords' as shown below then click 'Delete'


Note: This will not affect your Simple Salon account.

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