Advanced Rostering—Scheduling Lunch


The main reason you would schedule lunch in the Roster is if you want the time taken for lunch to be accounted for in the Wages Report. 

If you are using the Simple Rostering (or don't need to schedule lunch in the roster), click here to use the tasks feature to schedule your lunch breaks.

To do this, go to Roster.


Click the + button next to the operator who you'd like to schedule Lunch for. On the right hand side panel choose Lunch from Roster Type drop down menu. If you haven't got lunch there, click here to learn how to create your roster types.

Choose the days and the time lunch starts and finishes, and Save.


Then you would click the + button again, and add in a Rostered On roster item before lunch, and another one after lunch to fill out the hours that they're working:


If you're unsure of how to add multiple Roster Type item's for one day, check out the following article:

Advanced Rostering—Scheduling Two Roster Types On The Same Day

Lunch Using the Tasks Feature

If you don't need to track wages for Lunch, you can use the Tasks feature to schedule lunch on your Appointments Page instead of your Roster. This way is the same as Simple Rostering, you can learn how to do this here.

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