How Clients Unsubscribe from SMS & Email Reminders/Promotions


Unsubscribing from SMS

When clients reply to their SMS with the word STOP they are automatically unsubscribed from SMS reminders or promotions—depending on which it was that they replied to.

If they replied STOP to an SMS Reminder, then they will only be disabled from SMS Reminders.

If they replied STOP to an SMS Promotion, then they will be disabled from receiving SMS promotions.

Unsubscribing from emails

When clients reply to their email with the word STOP they are not automatically unsubscribed from email reminders or promotions.

You will need to manually go into the client's personal details and update this.

This can be done by searching for the client, going to their client card and clicking Edit next to Details. Select the SMS & Email menu, and deselect the appropriate tick box. Remember to Save when complete.

You can see your clients' replies via your Campaign Report in Marketing. Change the dates of the Campaign Report and click Recipients next to any email campaign to see who replied STOP.

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