New Online Bookings Update!


Your Online Booking mini-site has just had a fresh new makeover—making it even more seamless for your clients to book in with you, 24 hours a day 7 days a week! 

In this article, we'll guide you through the process your clients will go through when using your online booking site.

We'll be covering the following:

Creating an account and logging in

Customers will have a few different options when it comes to registering and signing in.

When they click the profile icon on the top right corner (or after they choose a time and date), they'll be required to login:

Screen_Shot_2022-11-04_at_4.17.23_pm.pngThey can either decide to register with their email address and mobile number (by clicking Register Now), or they can connect with a social media option—such as Google, Facebook or Apple.

Whichever option they choose, they must continue to use the same option whenever they login.

NOTE: Customers with existing Online Booking accounts will continue to use the same login method.

Creating an appointment

From the Home page, customers will see your Services list.

(If you haven't set up your services for online bookings yet, please click here.)

Clients can seamlessly add multiple services from different categories to the Cart.

They'll simply click Add next to the service...


...and select an Operator:


The service will be added to the Cart, and clients can continue to add multiple services if needed.

The process is just as easy on a mobile phone—since your Online Booking site will automatically optimise for your client's device:

IMG_1356.PNG IMG_4FA1E33C670E-1.jpeg


Once happy with their selection, they'll select Pick Date & Time.

The next steps change slightly, depending on if you have Pay in Person, Pay in Full or Pay Deposit enabled. 

If you have Pay in Person enabled, the customer will choose their time and date, and they'll complete the booking by selecting Book Now & Pay in Person.


If you have either Pay Full Amount or Pay Deposit enabled, clients will select Proceed to Payment instead:


They'll have a final review of their Cart Items, and will be shown the total amount, and the deposit owing (if enabled):


When "Pay Deposit" is enabled, customers will also have the option to select "Full Payment" instead, in the event they'd prefer to pay the full amount prior to their appointment.

Note: Do you have a Terms & Conditions page for deposits on your website that you'd like customers to see before booking? If so, you can link it to your Online Booking site! Customers won't be able to complete the booking until they have agreed to the terms and conditions. Click here to learn how to set this up.

Rebooking or cancelling an appointment 

From the My Bookings page, clients can choose to rebook past services, and have them added instantly to the Cart:

Clients won't have to search through your services list each time—they can seamlessly add their favourite services, and complete the checkout process in under a minute!

They also have the convenience of cancelling their appointments that have been booked online from this page.

But, if it's within your Minimum Cancellation Period, they won't be able to cancel.

If you have Pay Full amount enabled, customers cannot cancel their appointments booked online even if it's outside your cancellation period, and must contact the business directly.

Deposits will be refunded to their original payment method if they cancel an appointment that is outside of your cancellation period.

Purchasing a voucher

Purchasing a voucher is as seamless as checking out services. 

From the Home page, customers can click the My Vouchers tab:


They simply need to click Add next to the voucher they want to purchase, and it'll be added to the Cart.
Once they click Proceed to Payment, they'll be taken to the payment page for a final review of their items:


Once payment is successful, they'll get the following pop-up: 


Clients need to enter in the recipient's name and email address. They'll also be able to enter a message:


If the gift voucher is for themselves, they simply enter in their own email address. They'll get sent an email with their Voucher ID which can be used in person or online.

Clients can then access any purchased gift vouchers and resend them, via the My Vouchers tab:


How clients book in a prepaid package item

If a client has purchased a package in person, they can make an appointment online using their pre-paid services!

This can be done from the My Packages page:


NOTE: Package items will only by visible via the My Packages page if the services have been added to your Online Booking site. 

Clients will simply click Add next to the pre-paid service they'd like to book in, and it will be added to the Cart:


You'll notice that the price for the service will become $0.00 since it is already paid for (and that it's been Redeemed from Package).

The client will continue to pick a date and time, and will click Book Now to finalise the appointment:


How clients book in membership inclusions

If a client has redeemable services apart of a Membership they have purchased, they can book them in online!

This can be done from the My Inclusions page:


Clients will simply click Add next to the pre-paid service they'd like to book in, and it will be added to the Cart. 


NOTE: Inclusion items will only by visible via the My Inclusion tab if the services have been added to your Online Booking site. 

You'll notice that the price for the service will become $0.00 since it is apart of their membership (and that it's been Redeemed from Membership).

After clicking Add next to their membership inclusion, clients will continue to pick a date and time, and will click Book Now to finalise the appointment:


Customising your Online Booking site

You can change the button colour and text colour that displays on your Online Booking site so that it better suits your style!

To do this, simply go to the Online tab, then into Admin.

Scroll down and click the Style Settings header:


You can change the Title Colour, Text Highlight Colour and Button Colour.

Click on the little colour box for each section, and a colour selector will open:


You have endless options for colours, and once you find a colour you like you can play around with the hue using the slider.

You can also enter in a specific HEX code instead if you already know exactly which colours you'd like to use!

Click Save once you're done, and it'll instantly be reflected on your booking site!

You'll also want to make sure you have a profile picture and a profile description added. If you haven't done so already, please click here to learn how!

If you have any questions, please let us know via the Submit a Request option in your Help & Support page.

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