How Clients Make Online Bookings with Deposits e.g. Redeeming Packages or Cancelling Their Appointment


What Happens on the Client's End When Deposits Are Required:

Making an Online Booking with Deposits

The client will first choose their service, operator and date/time of appointment, as per How Clients Make Online Bookings.

Once they've chosen their appointment, they'll be taken over to the Shopping Cart. Depending on what amount you've selected as the Deposit Percentage, they'll have a Deposit Owing amount that they'll need to pay before the booking goes through:


Once they've paid the Deposit amount, they'll be sent a notification that their appointment is Pending and awaiting your confirmation (that is unless of course you have Auto Approval enabled):


After the client has successfully paid for the Deposit—and their appointment is pending—a hold is placed on the user's card for the deposit amount.

If you reject the client's appointment, the hold is released on the payment and it won't be taken from the client's account.

If you approve the appointment, the deposit transaction will be processed. 

Redeeming Packages with Deposits Enabled

If the client chooses a service to book (that they have already purchased previously as part of a package) the system will automatically detect this.

The client can book a package as normal via the "My Packages" tab (in their Online Booking account):


When they go to confirm their booking in the Shopping Cart, you'll notice they will not have to pay a Deposit:


The client can Book their package item with no deposit owing, and they'll be notified that their appointment is pending and awaiting approval (unless you have Auto-Approval enabled).

Client Cancels Their Own Appointment 

If the client has booked an appointment outside of your minimum cancellation period, this means clients have the option of cancelling their appointment from their end via their Online Booking account, under My Bookings:


If the client chooses to Cancel the appointment, they'll be notified that their Deposit will be refunded back onto their original form of payment:


Once confirmed, their booking will be cancelled, and Deposit refunded back onto their card.

This will be reflected in your Online Dashboard, under Booking Activities. If the client has cancelled their booking after already being accepted, the status will appear in green (i.e. appointment accepted, however cancelled after acceptance):


If the client cancels their appointment before it was accepted (while still pending), the cancelled status will appear in red (you can also hover over the status to see the reason):


Appointments cancelled by the client can also be seen via your Activity Report (Reporting > Report List).

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