Choosing Services for Online Bookings


It only takes a few minutes to choose the services you want to make available for Online Bookings!

Log into Simple Salon and go to the Online tab. Click Setup.


The Online Services Categories section is where you will select the online service categories you require—this is where your specific services will be added to.

For example, if you offer a "Blow Dry Long Hair" service, then you might want to choose the "Blow Dry" online service category here. This means all of your different blow dry services can be categorised under "Blow Dry", which will make it easy for your clients to find and book.

Click Select Categories to choose which service categories you'd like your services to be categorised under. Use the options in the drop-down menu to see the different types of categories e.g. All, Hair, Beauty etc.


Tick the online service categories you'd like, then click Save.

Note: At this point in time Online Service Categories cannot be customised, and need to be selected from the provided list. We'll be adding this feature in a future update.

These online service categories will now be added to the list! Now you need to choose the actual services which will be available for clients to book online.

Click Services to expand that section.


Use the drop down menu to choose an online service category of which you would like to add specific services to e.g. Blow Dry.

Once you've chosen an online service category, click Add Services.


Scroll the list and tick the services (these are your services from your Simple Salon Admin page) you want to add to this online service category (e.g. we want to add the "Blow Dry Long Hair" service to this "Blow Dry" online service category).

Click Save once you have picked all of the services you want to be added to this particular online service category.


The service(s) will be added to the online service category.


Click Edit to change any service details i.e. Service Name, Price, Duration, Category.

Any Service Name, Price or Duration edited from here will also reflect everywhere else in your Simple Salon account, e.g. in Admin > Services.

Save any changes made to the service.


You will want to continue this process until you have each online category populated with the services you want to be displayed on your online bookings site.

Note: It is possible to display $0 services on your Online Booking site. For example, you may want to offer a free Consultation that clients can book online:


Need to change the profile picture on your booking site? Not a problem—click here to learn how.

If you have any questions, feel free to send them to us from your Help & Support page via Submit a Request.

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