How Clients Can Redeem Packages via Online Bookings


Clients can now redeem packages they have purchased in store, via your Online Bookings site.

Once a client has logged in, they can click on their profile icon at the top right of their bookings page. When the profile dialogue opens, the client can click on the My Packages link to view their available packages:


If the My Packages page loads, and the client sees the following screen (even though they know they have purchased a package): 


This means that the services within the packages are not available online. You will need to add the individual services that are added to your Packages to your Online Booking site. 

For example, if a client purchased a package called "x10 Blow Drys", and the package has 10 individual 'Blow Dry' services added to it—you would need to ensure the individual 'Blow Dry' service is added to Online Bookings.

You can add these services at anytime by following these instructions.

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