Extending hours over Christmas and other extended trade periods


If you're wondering how to extend hours over Christmas or other extended trade periods in Simple Salon, then this is the article for you.

Opening Hours

Regardless of which type of rostering you're using in Simple Salon, your roster needs to be within your Opening Hours.

It's not possible to setup your roster outside of these Opening Hours.

We suggest extending your Opening Hours to the latest possible time you'll be open on any given day.

In other words, even if your standard Opening Hours are 9:00 am - 5:00 pm, Mon - Fri, if you're going to be open late one week, you should extend your Opening Hours to reflect this.

For example, we usually operate 9:00 am - 9:00 pm, but some days we might operate till Midnight or around 10:00 pm.

The Opening Hours give you the opportunity to extend your hours to cover these possible times you may be working, while the 'Roster' allows you to choose if you actually want the time available for bookings.

You can extend your Opening Hours by clicking on 'Roster' > 'Opening Hours'



In the 'Opening Hours' pop up enter in the hours you think you'll be open at this point in time:


Remember to click 'Save' to update the changes

Back on the 'Appointments' page, notice how our page now shows all the times within the Opening Hours we've selected:


We now have the ability to book in at these times if we need to during our extended trade periods. Of course, we can always change these Opening Hours again if needed.

Advanced Rostering

In Advanced Rostering you can setup your roster times to fluctuate over different periods, however, you'll firstly need to open up your 'Opening Hours' to the latest you'll be open over any given period (please view the section above to learn how).

Once you've extended your Opening Hours, you'll then need to setup Advanced Rostering according to the different times you need to be 'Rostered ON' across different periods.

For example, 9:00 am - 5:00 pm usual hours, then changing hours across Christmas to 9:00 am - 10:00 pm or any other specific date where you need to extend your availability.

You can check out how to setup Advanced Rostering below:


If you also tick 'Automatically Roster Operators Off' in 'Settings' > 'Roster Settings' you'll automatically be unavailable during the times you're not 'Rostered ON':

Remember to click 'Save' to update the changes.

Extending Hours via Simple Rostering

If you're using Simple Rostering, you can only set the 'Roster' for all weeks, rather than being able to choose specific dates and their roster times.

That's okay though, you'll firstly need to setup your Opening Hours (please view the start of the article to learn how).

Once you've extended your opening hours, you can extend your 'Roster' to any time within those opening hours.

If you need to extend your roster hours or make a booking in advance for an extended trade period, just pop into 'Roster', go through the 'Roster' for each operator, and extend their hours as needed:


If you're not sure how to edit the roster the 'Setting your Operator Hours' section of the following article will show you how:


At this point, you should be able to pop back into the 'Appointments' page and make a booking within those times:

Notice how the three operators are now able to book till 10:00 pm, but we can still extend our 'Roster' if we needed to make another change:


When you need to change the hours again, click on 'Roster', and repeat the process:


Check it out! On the 'Appointments' page we can see that our staff are not rostered on during those late times anymore, but we still have the ability to roster our staff on during those times, if we need to:


All we'd need to do is pop back into 'Roster' make the change and you can then pop the booking in.

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