Updating your Online Booking URL


Maybe you've changed your business name, maybe you accidentally created your account with the incorrect name, or maybe you'd just like to change your Online Booking URL.

Whatever the reason, here are the steps required to change your Online Booking URL:

Your Online Bookings URL is created by using the 'Company Name' stored in 'Account'. You'll need to update your 'Company Name' by following the steps below:

1. Click on 'Account' (top right of page)

2. When the 'Account' page loads, click in the 'Company Name' field then enter in the new name

3. Click 'Save' to update the changes

Check in after a few minutes, and your URLs should then be updated.

Please note that you can check if your URLs have been updated by loading in to 'Online' > 'Admin' > 'General Settings' or by clicking on 'Online' > 'View Bookings Site'.

Important Information

  • Any existing links you have created with the old Online Booking URL such as links on Facebook, Instagram, or links on your website need to be replaced with your new Online Booking URL found in 'Online' > 'Admin' > 'General Settings'

If you don't replace these links, your clients won't be able to reach your Online Bookings, so it's important to change them over when you can

  • Your SMS and Email messages which use the salon name tag, #CompanyName#, will also begin using the new and updated 'Company Name'

If you need some assistance, please don't hesitate to send us a help ticket via the Submit a Request option in your Help & Support page or by reaching out to us at support@simplesalon.com.


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