Reinstating a Client Who Previously Opted out of Receiving SMS


If a client replies STOP to any SMS from you, they will no longer receive the SMS messages you send. From time to time clients might change their mind and no longer wish to opt-out of SMS's from you. If that's the case, you can reinstate the client in your Simple Salon Messaging account.

Go to Admin, choose SMS & Email and click Buy Credits. (If nothing happens it means that you have pop ups blocked. Click here to allow pops ups, then come back and click Buy Credits again).


Your Simple Salon Messaging account will open up in a new tabor window.

Click CANCEL on the ADD CREDIT pop up window to see yourSimple Salon Messaging account behind it.

Click MESSAGING on the top left corner.


Click the CONTACTS tab. Here you will see a contact list called Global Opt-Out List. This is the list the clients who reply STOP will go to. If their mobile number is in that list, they won't receive any text messages. You can click the list to take a look at the clients that are in there.

To remove the client from the Global Opt-Out List you will need to add them to a new active list. To do that click the NEW CONTACT LIST button.


Replace the UNTITLED LIST name with a real list name i.e. Opt-In Clients. Once you have given the list a new name, click Add Contact.


Fill in the clients mobile number, which is the same number that is currently in the Global Opt-Out List. Fill in the clients first and last name and click SAVE.


You'll have the following message pop up to notify you that this client previously opted out, and do you want to force the re-addition of this client, click OK.


All done! The client has now been removed from the Global Opt-Out List and added to the new active list you created. They will now be able to receive SMS messages from you once again.

If you have any further questions, send them to us via your Help & Support page by clicking the Submit a Request option—we're here to help.

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