Send SMS Messages to Your Clients with Your Salon Name Displayed


Simple Salon allows you to have your SMS messages send to your clients with your salon name displayed instead of the mobile number it comes from.

There's a catch though—if you do this, then your clients can no longer reply to the SMS. Due to the number being overridden with a word, the clients can't reply to the text message.

Therefore, if you have 2 Way SMS happening, where your clients reply Yes to confirm their appointments, you will no longer have that functionality.

If you want to set it up, go to Admin > SMS & Email, then in the SMS Account Setup section enter the salon name into the Dedicated Number section, and click Save.


If you want 2 way communication to still work, you'll need to purchase a Virtual Number. This following article will show you how:

Unique Virtual SMS Numbers in Simple Salon Messaging (SSM)

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